Game of Thrones Suspenders

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Turn heads in these Game of Thrones inspired suspenders and bow tie!

Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Targaryen, Dothraki, or Tyrell?

Whether you're a loyal fan or know someone who is, these Game of thrones suspenders and bow ties are for GoT fans!

Suspenders alone, or order as a set with Hairbow or Bow Tie

Choose between pin on, adjustable strap, or self tie bow tie!

Pin on bow ties (pre-tied) are single layered with a bar pin on the back. They are great for bow ties on regular t-shirts

Adjustable strap bow tie (pre-tied) will fit neck sizes 13.5"-20" and are now double layered!

Self tie bow tie is a free style bow tie in which you will tie yourself. It will fit neck sizes 13.5"-20".